Your relationship with The Vomoda Group is of the utmost importance to us.

Most companies describe their partnership by listing all the telecommunication and hardware companies that they sell. We describe our partnership as our relationship with you and how our designs, implementation and Customer Care contribute to your success.

As your trusted technical advisor, we help sift through technologies to recommend best of breed solutions to cost effectively satisfy your business technology needs. However, when it comes down to it, it is all about support. We consider it crucial to bring the correct expertise to your business. We do that by establishing "Vomoda Group Trusted Partners." A "Vomoda Group Trusted Partner" is a company that has proven that they provide the same level of service to customers as does Vomoda Group. Our "Trusted Partners" are an extension of and a reflection of Vomoda Group which is critical as we take our reputation very seriously.

Your customers expect you to produce the best product and you expect Vomoda Group to produce the best. Vomoda Group partners with the highest quality organizations, leveraging our talent and expertise with their strength. The reality is that it is impossible for any single company to know everything. Not only does Vomoda Group understand that but we do something about it. Our "Trusted Partners" have been thoroughly evaluated and we choose the best fit without having to "force" a specific hardware or person on you. We can choose the correct fit for your initial project and continually apply the right resources to additional projects. We have found that to be a very powerful tool for successful projects. Can we provide hardware like Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, NEC....absolutely! Can we provide bandwidth, consulting application development, cabling, conduit....absolutely! As such our "Trusted Partner" list includes hardware partners, consulting partners, conduit, wiring partners and network integrators, among many others. That is what you expect of your Vomoda Group Team and that is what we bring to the table to you.