Property Management

# of Sites: 85

Customer Requirements:

  • Correct Billing
  • Complete installation in progress
  • Business Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Internet Prototype:
  • Distribution of internet to 110 units
  • Limit the bandwidth to 5mb to each unit
  • Check data cable integrity and label
  • Check phone cable integrity and label


  • Worked diligently with multiple Telecommunications company departments to fix billing
  • AT&T’s 100mb Ethernet Managed Internet Systems
  • Cisco Layer 3 switches in the Main Distribution Frame
  • Cisco Layer 2 switches in the Intermediary Distribution Frames (every floor)v
  • Cisco firewall dedicated to monitoring (no firewall restriction for units)
  • Bandwidth limiter/shaper
  • Toned data cable, found issues, managed repair of cable and jacks.
  • Toned analog cable, discovered where they were run, found issues, managed repair of cable and jacks.
  • Marked all cable accordingly.